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Celebrate Love at Every Stage

I recently ran across a woman while in the middle of an engagement shoot who asked, "Do you think engagement photos are really worth it?"

I was perplexed that she asked me that question... like the guy holding the cameras would ever respond with a negative answer. But I thought about it for a second and confessed that I do think there certain aspects of portrait photography that aren't entirely necessary or maybe go a little over the top at times. But engagement photos aren't one of those categories — it's a beautiful time in life to capture a young relationship (or sometimes old) because, A. death comes to us all (sorry), B. aging isn't always kind, and C. an engaged couple's life is going to change in so many ways in the years to follow that it would be a shame to not celebrate that time in their life together. So do it, and do something fun!

The same holds true for anniversary photo shoots. Life is short and love is sweet. Celebrate the good things in life :)

The following photo shoots were both celebrating anniversaries :)


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