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Impromptu Photo Shoot

Meet my daughter, Emily. I owe a large part of my photographic journey to her because it was since her birth that I began to pick up a #DSLR to take #pictures more. In that time I learned a lot about my camera and how to use its various functions for different circumstances; which was mostly just chasing her around as a toddler.

Last week I was out and about with her and I started taking a couple photos of her with my iPhone. She was keen on posing for me (which is very unlike her) so I asked her if I can get some more with my 'real' camera. To my delight she said yes.

The two shots above are from an #iPhone11 using #portrait mode. Everything else below is with a #Canon 5D IV. If you're interested in seeing a side by side #comparison of the quality between the two cameras leave a comment below and maybe I'll do a post on that in the future.


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