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Saratoga Springs Wedding Photo Locations

Saratoga Springs, in Saratoga, CA, offers a variety of wedding venues to suit the size of your party. The surrounding forest areas offer some really beautiful scenes for photos and the tall tree canopy offers welcomed shade on any hot summer day. Here's some images from a wedding I captured at the tail end of the covid scare.

The best time for photos at this location is probably the later half of afternoon. Since the tree canopy is so thick there won't be an opportunity for sunset photos. Is that a bummer? I don't think so. We photographers love shade and the late afternoon sun will find some cool areas to pop through the trees and provide some really fun light to photograph.

I was finished with the couple and we were walking back to get ready for the ceremony when I noticed this sunlight coming through with a dark background. I placed the couple directly in the overhead light and it did this. I couldn't light this myself any better. I love the drama this light gives and the couple sharing some romantic laughs together made this one of my favorite images.

I always deliver full color images to my clients and any black and whites I deliver as copies. This high contrast scene was screaming for a black and white conversion.


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