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Spring Wedding at Hyatt Lake Tahoe

Check out these images from Kevin and Sophie's spring beach wedding ceremony on Lake Tahoe. There's a lot of images I take throughout the year that go unshared to social media or the website and I don't always have a good reason for it. Sometimes it's for privacy reasons and I prefer to give my clients time to share what they want before I blast it out to the world. Other times I find that if I look back at my photos 6-12 months after the event I usually appreciate them in a new way and I'm then eager to share them.

I briefly watched 10 seconds of a youtube video by Peter M. and he was raising the issue of "bangers only" on instagram. It's the idea that you only share your epic photos because those are the only ones to get the most likes and grow your following — and it's a problem, is his point. I think I agree. That, and some other reasons, are why I'm a little turned off to that urgent need to post something all the time. So this is all to say that I'm still here doing my thing taking photos of people, places, and things, and Kevin and Sophie deserve some love. They were both super cool and I really enjoyed my 2 hours with them!