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Engagement Photography; Embracing The Rain in Lake Tahoe

Will & Danielle embracing the horizontal rain at Emerald Bay.

Planning an engagement photography session, a photoshoot of any sort, a wedding, really anything that's outdoors outside a five day forecast in Lake Tahoe can be a risky endeavor. You plan for all things controllable and if the date isn't flexible then you deal with the things that aren't controllable; like weather.

When Will reached out to me to capture his proposal at Emerald bay the forecast was clear with no issues. It was the beginning of the fall season and like spring, the weather is a little more erratic. It could be 7o degrees and calm or it could be snowing; really, anything can happen weather-wise fall or spring.

As soon as Will and Danielle arrived the wind did too and the rain was right behind it.

I wanted to share this session on the blog because their attitudes about the weather situation was unlike anybody I've ever photographed. I never got the impression that they were bummed in the slightest. Instead, they were excited and happy to be there, happier to be together and they looked forward to every second of our photo shoot and the next idea I had for them. .

If we could take one lesson away from from Will and Danielle perhaps it should be to hold our plans in open hands; to let go of that false sense of control that we hang on so tightly to, white-knuckling our way through life's twists and turns. Let your hair down, let the rain drip off your nose and run into the unknown with confidence because your partner is by your side.

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