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How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Kelly getting ready with Mom, sister, and best friend.

My #photographystyle is primarily #photojournalistic and #classical. Living and primarily working in the #Tahoe Region, most of, if not all, my clients want to show off their location in their wedding pictures. The best way to do that is to understand how to expose for people in beautiful scenes and making that happen is a point at which you see the difference from a #pro to an amateur. Many #photographers characterize themselves as “natural light” photographers because they and their clients like the ethereal feel the images convey. I like them too! and I also shoot with natural light as much as possible. But I also will add #offcameraflash at times because shooting in certain directions with specific backgrounds demands it.

Kelly looking beautiful and excited to get married!

I'm almost always trying to maintain some photographic integrity -- meaning I don't want to crush too many blacks and I don't want to blow out too many whites. In most cases I want colors to be accurately portrayed and tones to be balanced.

I believe there are long term benefits of my style to my clients and that is a subject I will save for a future post.

To learn more about my post-processing style, click here :).


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